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Call to action
What are the next steps? How to move on?
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 7:30 - 8pm

19:30-20:00 Call to action
Conclusions and call to action


This is a call to collective action. It is time to make this right now - the urgencies of our time demand that we respond to a wide range of multiple, but overlapping crises. Join us early June 2022  for a side event of the New European Bauhaus festival in Brussels to launch af_ actionable futures as a platform: a rather informal, but agile frame to engage a wide range of actors across the artistic, cultural and creative sectors, coming together with the aim to make the Green Deal 'real'. 

Art, culture and creativity will be decisive to transform societies towards sustainability and enable systemic change, just transitions and circular aesthetics. Actionable futures are fueled by shared creativity, distributed architectures, open innovation, and a model of intelligence that, more than merely “artificial,” is above all collective. Applying some of the main insights of circular economies to the role of the productive imagination is complemented, by all means of creative research and experimentation, with new materialities, open technological infrastructures and emerging cognitive assemblages.


CIVA Brussels, Rue de l’Ermitage 55, 1050 Bruxelles


50.82889, 4.36602

Actionable Futures #1

COST Connect x New European Bauhaus (Day 1)
Thu, Jun 9 2022, 1 - 5pm
Welcome and key notes by Stefano Boeri, Annela Anger-Kraavi, Laura Hetel, Bernd Fesel, and Kirsten Dunlop.
Skills for change
Thu, Jun 9 2022, 5 - 6pm
Joint panel on urgent skills needs and new skillsets needed for change
Agents of Transformation
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 10 - 11:30am
A student driven platform for systemic change through art and design
COST Connect x New European Bauhaus (Day 2)
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 8:30am - 1pm
Interactive Discussion Rounds
Green Ideas and Investment
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 2 - 5pm
Break-out sessions of the European Creative Industries Summit 2022 (ECIS22)
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 5 - 7:30pm
Let millions of sustainable innovations blossom in our cities
Call to action
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 7:30 - 8pm
What are the next steps? How to move on?
Reception: It's time to make this right
Fri, Jun 10 2022, 8 - 9pm
Sick Architecture
Fri, May 6 - Sun, Aug 28 2022, All day
Exhibition in CIVA Brussels